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It would be good to have additional functionality in the assembly of document. For example: insert the document numbers, the introduction text, or a minimal revision history. I use a lot of ppt and powerpoint for presentations, and it is difficult to decide which are the main goals for the document, add the content of the slides, and add the slides later.
While LibreOffice (5.1) I could easily create a simple document to serve this purpose, but it was not possible in the document I needed for a presentation. It is important for me that the slides fit more in a presentation. It also fits into the current behaviour of the editor if the content of the slide is replaced by the content of the main document.
Currently Patch For LibreOffice Calc Compare, it permits you to generate several versions of a document at once, and to insert, replace, or move sections in a document, in perfect synchronization among the selected users. The ability to render and save a document as a different format from what it originally was can be very useful. For example, your DTP program, saves as JPG, PNG, PS, PDF, RTF, or DOC, but you need also save it as PPTX. This kind of interoperability is not available in the desktop editor, only in the Calc.

You removed the ability to create presentations that work offline, including without the LibreOffice.pot file. You also removed the ability to create spreadsheets that don’t need constant online connectivity

In the new version of LibreOffice you have removed the ability to save a document as a PDF, only to discover that the next time the users log in to the document they see that it was saved as a PDF and are forced to open it as a PDF. A user is likely to not do that but keep the file in the cloud since he can open it any time without having to reload it.

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The Document Foundation has developed a Migration Protocol to support enterprises moving from proprietary office suites to LibreOffice, which is based on the deployment of an LTS version from the LibreOffice Enterprise family, plus migration consultancy and training sourced from certified professionals who offer value-added solutions in line with proprietary offerings.

As my colleague and co-founder Brett C. Rogers says, Every Office Suite is “an Office Suite.” But LibreOffice is our sister office suite. In this release of LibreOffice, we have adopted some of the changes that made their way to LibreOffice 6.1, yet went on to incorporate those changes in the latest release. So, there’s still a whole lot of components that have changed and evolved – from the core application architecture to the applications themselves – to create the best word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools for Open Source.

The latest LibreOffice 7.4 is a free, open-source office suite with a focus on usability. It offers a large feature set, but also a simplicity that makes it extremely easy to use while focusing on your work. Keeping your work simple, and easy to use, is a top priority for LibreOffice.

Looking forward to working with the LibreOffice community during the Open Source Conference (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon, from August 29 through September 1, the folks at The Document Foundation have recently released LibreOffice 7.4 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

LibreOffice 7.4 offers new features, improvements, and enhancements in a range of applications, including LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Draw, and LibreOffice Writer, and provides bug and crash fixes.

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Main benefits of LibreOffice 7.4

Main benefits of LibreOffice 7.4

Users of LibreOffice technology can run their new product on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. It has strong communities, and is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. This would allow more users to use the software.

With the new version, Enterprise users are offered a new, fully mobile office suite (LibreOffice Writer), and an entirely new platform for development of any type of document, format or application.

After a year of effort for the included major improvements, (compatibility with MS Office, more features, productivity, connected with DOCX and ODT.) which is the first release of a new major release of LibreOffice, which is based on the 5.2 release from the desktop. The release cycle is announced as the 5.3 and 5.4 releases. The companies involved in the development of the product at this time are Trusted Computing Group, The Document Foundation and The Document Foundation.

Many critics warned about the risk and possibilities that LibreOffice has a new legal status, so commercial uses and developers are also doubtful that the development of new features will be protected. The Document Foundation should review this issue.

LibreOffice is ideal for migrating existing office files to the latest version of LibreOffice. We are moving to a new office version, which will bring a set of security improvements, stability improvements, compatibility with MS Office. Many people are concerned about the performance of LibreOffice compared with the MS Office, but this is totally dependent on the needs of a user. If you are running a local office, then you have to be satisfied with the performance of LibreOffice. If you are using the cloud or are using the web interface, then it can take advantage of GPU acceleration.

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LibreOffice 7.4 Features

  • File-based “Document Explorer”
  • Online filling for more than 30 languages
  • Online completion for more than 15 languages
  • Online formatting for more than 10 languages
  • Online table editing for more than 10 languages
  • Online formula editing for more than 10 languages
  • Online object editing for more than 10 languages
  • Online drawing editing for more than 10 languages
  • Online presentation editing for more than 10 languages
  • Online spreadsheet editing for more than 30 languages
  • Online drawing tagging for more than 10 languages
  • Online spreadsheet tagging for more than 10 languages
  • Online presentation tagging for more than 10 languages
  • Online search and filter for more than 10 languages
  • Online validation for more than 10 languages

What’s new in LibreOffice 7.4

What's new in LibreOffice 7.4

  • Cleaned up documentation in Help > About.
  • Documentation is now localized in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Slovenian, Spanish and Hungarian.
  • English and French will be default languages in upcoming “Base” component, which is also the name of a package containing LibreOffice Base and Calc.
  • Improved support for German, Japanese, Slovenian and Spanish (also in “Base”).
  • Migrated the online documentation to a new domain, .
  • Added a LibreOffice logo (/share/images/logo).

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