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Optimizing the data loading process is the main purpose of this new version of Tekla Structural Designer. Now you have a visual representation of the load and a lot of information about the data and structures to easily identify which one is needed. Select a virtual component and you can add or delete any other virtual structure you need in a few clicks. And by making a small change in the view, you can switch between the floating or axis view.

Tekla Structural Designer is a must in the design process, allowing you to design civil and structural structures that minimize environmental impact, while respecting the safety and economical constraints. An easy integration of Mechanical, Architectural, MEP, BIM, Other FEA applications (like Inspektor, CreaTek, others), allows you to perform all your structural calculations in a single workspace. This latest version of Tekla Structural Designer is based on the robust, versatile, easy-to-learn Tekla Structural Modeler and increases the calculation speed by optimizing the data loading process. With Tekla Structural Designer, the requirements of other applications that are essential for structural calculations can be easily integrated for a complete design workflow.

In this regard, the Modeler and Tekla Structural Designer applications are connected by a common database. Furthermore, Tekla Structural Designer makes it possible for you to build your own database models by importing other data and exporting your own models to Tekla Structural Designer. This integration opens up the potential for sharing design data, making the information accessible from Tekla Structural Designer or directly with the Modeler.

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Tekla Structures provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that has been a comprehensive and integrated solution that consists of many modules for the field of architectural design, structural design, and information technology for architecture and structural engineering design and documentation. The Tekla BIM architecture tool is a unified and integrated structural engineering solution for architectural designers that have been developed to meet the needs of individual users, designers, architects and engineers. Using this software, they can generate and visualize structural and architectural designs, and through collaborative design projects.

Because the software is always constantly updated and expanded, you also can be sure of staying at the cutting edge of the market. With the new SP4 version of Tekla Structures, changes to BIM and ABS or NACE standards are always reflected in the software.

With the new Tekla Structures version 2017, the BIM models are easier to use, more flexible, and more easily interoperable with existing applications. This solution supports the most modern data types to quickly generate construction drawings that are fully embedded in the BIM workflow.

Tekla Structures continues to advance with more accurate and reliable results, new BIM calculations, new material properties, enhanced visualization, and improved user productivity for all users, including architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers.

Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer are solutions used to create and manage construction models. Structural engineers use them to design buildings and civil infrastructure, and architects and other design professionals use them for visualizing the construction of buildings and building components. Tekla Structures 2022 SP4 and Tekla Structural Designer 2022 SP4 are here to support You! So hurry up and get Tekla Structures and Tekla Structural Designer now!

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Main benefits of Tekla Structures 2022 SP4

Create fully functional BIM content with Draft documents. In the visual editor in Tekla Structures 2021, you can create and edit Draft documents with 2D drawings, images and other additional content like furniture, plants and other visual elements. Once created, you can exchange this information with other members of your team, and modify it using Draft macros.

Experience a customized editing experience in the Tekla Structures 2021 Model Editor. You can easily navigate, organize, position, color, shade, group and so on, any part in 3D, 2D and 2D visual.

Create customized images without sharing intermediate files, with the new Presentation tools in Tekla Structures 2021. You can export and import the resulting image file formats as JPG, EPS or TGA, and also use other export tools to create different image formats like PDF, SVG or PSD.

A next generation enabling robust modeling functionality for Tekla Structures that provides more cost efficiency for multi-structure AECBEDD modeling. The benefits include an all-encompassing data model that eliminates redundant data and is consistent in terms of the data represented. This in turn eliminates messy data merge requirements, improving the speed and accuracy of consolidation and iteration. A new preview functionality provides better understanding of how models will look when merged and exported and better understanding and control of how models are created and how they are used.

The new organization of Tekla Structures models into folders, with the option to filter these folders in the detail views, provides greater control and organization. Only the parts of the model that are visible are displayed. A new tree view provides an overview of the content of the model and an exportable star diagram provides an overview of the folder structure of a model. A new procedure framework for assembly hierarchies and workflows provides many improvements over the existing procedure framework and enables much more efficient and effective workflows. In order to enable greater understanding of the hierarchy structures, workflows can be filtered to show only the content of the selected procedure. This is an especially important feature as workflows are often used as a convenient way to manage the documents in the entire project and to better understand workflows for different parts of a project.

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Tekla Structures 2022 SP4 System Requirements

Tekla Structures 2022 SP4 System Requirements

  • Pricing
  • Tekla Structures 22 Viewer
  • Tekla Structures 22
  • The new Tekla Structures 22 can automatically detect objects including electrical conductors (wires), pipes, cables and cable trays. The user can make any modifications with respect to the type of the object and its properties.
  • Tekla Structures Java API
  • Tekla Structures 22 can recognize possible connections between objects on the building facade.
  • Design of concrete structures

What’s new in Tekla Structures 2022 SP4

What's new in Tekla Structures 2022 SP4

  • There is a range of options for modelling and analysing your buckled member models.
  • There is a new set of cross-sections, based on standard I-section members.
  • There is a graphical interface for designing the member models, and the analysis of the buckling force is quickly and easily achieved.
  • There are various buckling modes and methods of calculating the buckling forces for each member model.
  • The buckling force for each model can be easily and rapidly changed.
  • You can run multiple designs and there is an easy way to decide which buckling mode to use. These modes are related to the member geometry and analysis results.

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