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The standard edition of PowerDVD includes PowerDVD 17. No CyberLink software has ever been an absolute cure-all when it comes to performing media tasks, but we’ve found that it’s very good at what it does.

PowerDVD is always a good choice for playing movies, playing streams to your TV, and for the role of entertainment hub. The automatic conversion system is a bit hit and miss (more on that later), but there are tons of viewing options. Optional DVD menus are also surprisingly good. However, the big advantage of PowerDVD is its ability to run in software mode (or “in the cloud”) that bypasses the hard drive and enables true streaming.

The trial version of PowerDVD provides most features and the basic online streaming services. The free version of the software comes with the ability to stream various sites to TVs and PCs as well as store and play cloud media from YouTube, Netflix, and Apple. This version is a good test for those who are trying it out.

PowerDVD includes its own settings for resolution and aspect ratio. There are multiple conversion options as well, and even if you’re not up to HD, you can still upscale movies to standard definition. While not as flexible as alternatives, PowerDVD enables better quality upscaling in our tests. This is the first version of PowerDVD to include support for Netflix.

PowerDVD 17 Ultra’s DVD reading performance was average. While playback quality was excellent, its menus, where you add titles, weren’t great, and the upscaling of TV shows wasn’t always as successful as we’d like.

The only way the player gets any points in our book is that it displays a warning that it’s playing back content on a Blu-ray Disc and that it supports upscaling for H.265 content from cloud-based sources. Nevertheless, CyberLink’s interface is clean and its features are intuitive.

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It offers a wide variety of options. One of these is transcoded video formats, allowing you to create video from other sources. CyberLink PowerDVD can be installed on various devices, including iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. For internet users, you can also add-on media streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu to PowerDVD.

CyberLink PowerDVD Key 21 adds a variety of new features, including canvas and transforms for video editing. The program can handle subtitles and DTS surround sound, and it lets you upload files to online services like YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr.

CyberLink PowerDVD 20 is designed to make it easy to take your videos wherever you go, so its advanced streaming capabilities make it a good option for use in theaters, for example. It has an elegant, interface that is easy to use, even for those who aren’t media specialists. It also offers support for Internet radio and the Web service YouTube.

On top of that, PowerDVD offers support for a large number of online streaming services, including Netflix, YouTube, Vudu and Google Play. It also makes it easy for you to convert videos to various formats including 1080p, 3D, and even lossless formats.

The main, and best, thing about PowerDVD is that it’s a slick media player that runs without additional software, it comes free with Windows 7 or Vista. The program offers full support for all major digital video formats.

All but the Windows XP Professional and Ultimate editions include a DVD player built in. A DVD menu feature allows for easy navigation through menus and discs. CyberLink PowerDVD also supports the MKV, M2TS and MTS files used to back up digital videos, so you can watch your hard drive content from any of your connected devices. In case you missed it, CyberLink has also released the CyberLink PowerDirector video editing program for Windows. The free software enables you to create high-definition, PowerDVD-ready clips from regular videos on your hard drive.

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Finally, we applied SWING analysis to try and determine which parts of the PowerDVD application should be called from the DLL. After running the analysis, we determined that part of the application should be called from the DLL. This impacted the code directly to perform more efficient calls and the DLL made minimal changes as a result.

OpenGL version 3.1 is required for PowerDVD* to function. The application must include a valid PowerDVD installation, because, unfortunately, Windows 7* does not come preinstalled with PowerDVD*. If you have issues with the application, then youll need to download PowerDVD first from the CyberLink website

Intel has several connections to the open source community, one of which is its Open Source Technology Center. The OSTC also serves as the foundation for the collaboration with Cyberlink described in this case study. We also conducted extensive testing with the Intel tooling for PowerDVD* to ensure alignment with what is available in the public domain, and we perform upgrades to PowerDVD* using the Open Source Portal and additional features. We also maintain the Open Source PowerDVD* codebase, and contribute to the project.

Cyberlink has a strong understanding of the mobile device market, where PowerDVD* for Windows* is one of the most popular applications. As a result of the partnership, Intel provided assistance with the use of the PowerDVD* Beta 2 porting package, and in addition, agreed to provide PowerDVD* for the Windows platform with updated features. This allowed Intel and Cyberlink to work together to take features that customers want and incorporate them into the final version of PowerDVD*. As a result, the application is available free of charge via the Windows Store, a free download, and is also available for purchase in the Cyberlink Software Store.

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CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • PowerDVD is the most feature-rich software decoder available for the living room, the easiest way to enjoy the best home entertainment experience with no software installation.
  • Automatically optimizes discs and streaming media content up to 9X faster than Windows Media Player
  • Dual NVIDIA CUDA acceleration for the ultimate in disc decoding performance
  • Latest high definition and ultra-high definition 2D and 3D decoding up to 1000X faster than Windows Media Player
  • Multitrack audio and video playback
  • Color space adjustment: Cine gamma 2.0, Film gamma, NTSC Rec.709, Game gamma
  • Movie and movie-related content tagging and retrieval: Movie & Movie Poster Database, and other third-party file databases
  • Synchronization and transcoding of Discottv, iTunes, and XM Radio
  • Screen capture of what you watch
  • Multi-GPU enhanced decoding

What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • New Playlist
  • Multi-Profile
  • Local Chinese subtitles
  • New Audio Cues
  • New DVD Audio
  • 50 New & Improved DVD Tools
  • New & Improved Media Players
  • Speed & Feature Improvements
  • New Hardware Acceleration
  • Get it from a CyberLink Live App for your Android or iOS devices
  • See it on

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