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My only issue with ProtonVPN is that it doesnt support torrents. On paper, it should be a good VPN to use for general users. But for torrenting, there are a lot of choices (a lot of torrenting clients), and ProtonVPN did not do itself any favors.

The VPN by ProtonVPN is free, and has been around for 6 years. Basic features include a 250 kb transfer speed and 1 IP address. Free gets you 90 kb with two IP addresses, and the Plus subscription boosts the transfer speed to 500 kb with five IP addresses.

ProtonVPN Free offers a bare-bones VPN experience and is, obviously, free. One level up from Free and you have the Basic plan, which gives you access to more servers in any country available. And the highest tier, Plus, gives you access to more servers, faster speeds, and more secure servers. Visionary offers the same features as Plus, but in addition, it includes a ProtonMail Visionary account, so its a VPN plus encrypted email.

Proton Technologies AG, the parent company of ProtonVPN, came about after its founding members met at CERN. They created ProtonVPN to better protect the activists and journalists around the world. Thats a cause we can get behind, as journalism is an increasingly dangerous profession.

Logging policies can be found on the FAQ page. We wouldnt recommend logging a bunch of stuff, but if you must do so, ProtonVPN has the policies you need. The privacy policy says that ProtonVPN has the right to log your IP addresses and timestamp whenever youre logging in, but this is also true of many other VPNs. Make sure to read the full policy before choosing a VPN.

ProtonVPN Cracked

ProtonVPN Cracked

I think that this is one of those times that ProtonVPN is kind of the clear winner. Their client doesn’t really have the feature-set that makes it stand out. In terms of functionality, the best VPN is the one that can give you the most bang for your buck. ProtonVPN does that, and it does so in a beautiful way. For $6, what you get is pretty damn good, especially considering how little you need to pay to get it.

ProtonVPN is a professional VPN provider and they have high standards for safety and security. Their service is highly reliable and their customer service is quick to reply and very helpful. Their 5-star rating is testimony to their high standards for service.

You can expect that ProtonVPN includes a strong range of security features and has the highest level of customer service of any VPN provider. The free accounts have a limit of 50GB per month and they have strict censorship policies. The premium membership is a good option, especially for those that want to use a VPN on multiple devices. The Plus account provides a 1 GB traffic cap per month and offers Tor over VPN service for an additional cost.

RSA is another encryption algorithm that transmits data securely. This algorithm is slower than AES, which is why usually, VPNs use it to transmit keys, rather than all the data. First, VPNs encrypt traffic using AES, then send keys that unlock the encryption to their servers using RSA. Security professionals consider 2048-bit RSA keys secure, so ProtonVPN is really going the extra mile with 4096-bit RSA.

Because of its base in Switzerland, ProtonVPN says it doesn’t have forced logging obligations which might exist in other countries. As a result, it doesnt log browsing activity, the content of communications, IP addresses, location information, or session lengths. It points to a 2019 court case in which it was ordered to turn over logs to help identify a user and that we were unable to comply because such logs did not exist.

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ProtonVPN Review

Note that ProtonVPN only has secure servers located in secure countries, so you can watch Netflix and access common websites while your connection is in progress, but the connection is not encrypted. Only after your session is active do you connect to your network.

If youre looking for security and anonymity, or if you only want a simple secure connection with no logs, I think ProtonVPN is your best bet. While I wish ProtonVPN had faster servers, I think it also does a really good job protecting your privacy and keeping your identity anonymous.

UPDATE: ProtonVPN added a few more features as of 2019. Now they allow you to use an unlimited amount of VPN connections simultaneously, and you can easily switch between them on the main screen. I still prefer the sidebar app for its app options though.

UPDATE: ProtonVPN now has 2 upgrade plans. First, ProtonVPN added a monthly plan with a 31-day money back guarantee, and another plan that gives you ProtonVPN With Crack forever for $4.99 a month (which also gives you a 30-day money back guarantee). I can also add that signing up for a 1-year subscription also gets you a 30-day money back guarantee.

UPDATE: Since ProtonVPN announced its new upgrade plan, Ive been using it for a few months. I also tested the one-year plan before I purchased the yearly plan, and I found that the upgrade plan isnt worth it.

Step 2. Once you have downloaded the app on your router, open it and tap Manage from the bottom of the page. Once youre on the Manage page for your router, tap Download ProtonVPN. Make sure youre not on a VPN enabled page, like on a reset page.

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What’s new in ProtonVPN

  • Chile: VPN servers are now available in Santiago, Puerto Montt, Iquique, Vallenar, Osorno, and Los Lagos.
  • Colombia: New VPN servers in Barranquilla, Cartagena, Cúcuta, Bogotá, and Villavicencio.
  • Peru: New VPN servers in Lima, Arequipa, Pachacutec, Trujillo, and Cuzco.

ProtonVPN System Requirements

ProtonVPN System Requirements

  • OS X 10.10 or higher (compatible with Sierra)
  •, 10.10 compatible IPv4/IPv6
  • OpenVPN 2.2.1 or higher
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8 or higher
  • multi-thread capable packet engine
  • OpenVPN or higher
  • Foundation 4.1.0 or higher
  • CFNetwork 2.5 or higher

ProtonVPN Pro Version Registration Code


ProtonVPN Pro Version Serial Code

  • IMI84-50P5K-DWZIH-MS20A-D4DZP-U1139
  • W5CXE-E5CL3-52K7S-AF84K-11HX7-4DFPY

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