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Both printouts contain a lot of image data. The print shows 1142 DPI. The scan is a bit higher, at 1384 DPI, but only because I processed a large negative from the Internet using SilverFast, which reduced the size slightly, while VueScan records the original file size in its status window at the top of the main window. This is a common problem with scanners that run software that reduces the image size, as was the case with the Epson Scan.

The scan was taken with the settings shown in the header line of the image above. Click on the image for a closeup of the settings used. You can see on the left is the scanner’s auto-crop option. The first frame was cropped after I dragged the slider to specify the size of the crop, and I used that same cropped frame to crop all the subsequent frames, as with the film strips. I think this method works better for scans in booklets and of multiple negatives. In the image below you can see that the scan is set for the native 2400 DPI resolution, so you don’t have to apply any sharpening before printing the scan, but VueScan offers to do so in Preferences for you automatically.

I tried to get a shot of the print too, which I originally photographed with my iPhone (only instead of taking the actual film shots directly from the camera, I took digital snapshots, scaled to 8 by 5 inches, cropped the exposures to the same size, and then used Photoshop to paste the images back to the digital negatives). This is a good result for the iPhone, but the VueScan print is a bit fuzzy. Note that most of my unsuccessful attempts to photograph the negatives were with the iPhone, so this is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the printout, except that the Vuescan print is a bit sharper, and easier to photograph. Of course if the images were photographed by a professional with a camera that records to digital files, the iPhone result would be more crisp.

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Even though it lacks the noise-reduction feature of other scanners, I found VueScan to be better at removing dust, so I had to resort to using noise reduction in Photoshop more often than with other products.

Here’s the problem: VueScan’s “print mode” doesn’t produce consistent results when you’re cropping. In the example photo above, you’ll notice that the crop you get from VueScan changes sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.

All three programs can give good color with some work, but I found SilverFast needed tweaking more often than its rivals, tending to yield results that were too warm and with purplish casts, even with its color-cast reduction and orange mask expansion enabled. Unlike Epson Scan, it allows the film type to be selected for better results, but has a shorter list of film types than does VueScan.

Vuescan is definitely a nice product and is well supported. No argument from me. However, if you’re scanning SLIDES there’s nothing better than SilverFast from Lasersoft in Germany. If you have a quality scanner and SilverFast you’ll do well. Here’s a link to my pics and you be the judge:

Today I want to start a new series about the slide scanning workflow. This will be about the archival scanning of slides and the workflows of Image Capture, SilverFast, VueScan and VuePrint. I will show you how good the slides, and how much the difference to the film. I will show you the adjustments that makes a difference to your workflow. I will share my experience and knowledge about the final results. I will see how much all these tools can do on their own, and how much they can do together. I will help you find your workflow that suits you best to get great scans.

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What’s new in VueScan?

What's new in VueScan?

VueScan is free. We also think VueScan is more affordable than others especially in the pro version and software updates. We have been working very hard on VueScan for a long time and it shows. It runs on Windows XP and later, Mac OS, Linux and most newer UNIX’s and the interface is generally pretty good.

First of all, VueScan is a lot faster than any other software. To be fair, there are a lot of other good products out there. One of our co-founders used to use VueScan for years. He found SilverFast and is generally a better solution and spends way less time with it because of its performance. It also uses direct drivers and interfaces. You get all the features of VueScan Patched without the price. It has a pretty expensive Lite version that is easy to use for basic home use.

We also think VueScan is more affordable than others especially in the pro version and software updates. We have been working very hard on VueScan Patched for a long time and it shows. It runs on Windows XP and later, Mac OS, Linux and most newer UNIX’s and the interface is generally pretty good.

Our test below was with a variety of scans taken in the dark using Epson Perfection V850 in “Print” mode. This is also found in the “Customize settings” menu. I turned off the Auto and White Balance adjustments as I find it more helpful to work in these adjustments in Lightroom rather than in VueScan. The fields shown in orange in the video below are for best results when using these adjustments.
Since we were comparing the digital file sizes, I pressed the “Confirm” button before each print, whether to save or not. The file sizes were all rounded to the nearest thousandths of a MB. The time stamps for all scans were 00:00:00 as I don’t remember where I was when I took each scan.

I need to do another test with the same settings but with a light source and no background noise. It is a test that I’m sure many of you would love to do too.

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VueScan System Requirements

VueScan System Requirements

  • Android™ – Version 4.0 or higher
  • ARM v7 cpu or higher
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Download VueScan from the Google Play™ store for free from the G Works Google Play application.
  • Download Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus March 2020.

VueScan Features

  • Takes a photo or scans a document.
  • Allows adjustments to each scan, such as color and contrast.
  • Add photos and graphics to a PDF document or save to an image file.
  • Prints scanned documents directly to a printer, including two-sided and duplex.

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